Online Parenting Courses

These easy-to-follow courses are designed to help you get your hands on all the key information I share in my expert Masterclasses and Baby Massage courses, from the comfort of your own home. 

You will be able to create an account and access any of the courses you purchase 24 hours-a-day, all year round, from any device. 

Your online courses consist of videos, audio and written material that's easy to digest, straightforward to follow, with a clear and concise structure.

2 - Online Parenting Courses

Sleep Saviour School

6 weeks to 12 months

Grab all the information you need to really understand your little ones sleep and how to set them up for success. (Plus, catch a couple of winks yourself!)

You will get my expert advice on the science of sleep, setting up routines, specialist sleep coaching methods and so so so much more. It really is the toolkit you need for ultimate sleep success.

Just £39.99

Tori is amazing! I can not recommend her enough. I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Sound Sleep Package-best thing I ever did. Tori listened to what I wanted to achieve and supported me during the whole process. After a day of implementing Tori's advise I saw a massive improvement, I couldn't believe it. Now my five month old son has a routine in place, goes down like an absolute dream for naps and bedtime. The anxiety has now gone and I no longer dread putting my son down for his naps. Thank you Tori for improving my sons sleep and making his mummy a happier one
- Rachel
Before Tori's support I was up with my one year old little boy multiple times during the night or co-sleeping just to try to get some rest. He also would only nap being held or in his pram. Although his cuddles are lovely...I was physically and emotionally exhausted. Tori's calm, reassuring and supportive advice has been life changing. Her plan for us was clear, easy to follow and she reassured us every step of the way as we implemented a new routine. The results are a happy little boy sleeping well in his crib and a happy mummy and daddy now getting more rest and no longer struggling with exhaustion!
- Katy

Mastering Baby Massage Course

Newborn up to pre-crawling

Learn the amazing benefits of baby massage and how they can help your little one in so many ways. Baby Massage assists with digestive issues, teething and sinus pain, encourages body awareness and so much more.

This course will encourage some incredible baby bonding from the comfort of your own home.

Just £24.99

1 - Online Parenting Courses
Having done a Baby massage course with my eldest I chose to do Tori’s online course due to lockdown. The course worked really well online and Tori clearly showed all of the strokes and made me and my baby feel really at ease. The communications in setting up the Zoom class was also timely and clear. Some well needed relaxing one on one time for me and my baby. Thank you.
- Lauren
I have just completed Tori’s online baby massage class which we completed over zoom. I was nervous before the first class that it would be weird but Tori put us all at ease and is really friendly. I really enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend!
- Ruth