Every child is different and precious… but do you know what else is precious? Your sleep.

Getting your baby or young child into a sleep routine is as important for them as it is for you. Mums and Dads who are going to work or trying to function on interrupted are no help to anyone… least of all, themselves.


My packages are designed to be utterly customised. No service is the same, parent to parent or child to child. I meet you where you’re at and we embark on a new life together. Choose the level of support you need, or know that you can always upgrade as we go.

I'm Tori and I'm ready to get you off to sleep

Baby Sleep Packages

Deep Sleep Package - £699


Continuous broken sleep, difficulty settling your little one, a complex nap routine - all of these things can be solved with a little TLC and advice from a dedicated sleep consultant. I know exactly what you’re feeling right now, but I can promise that there is a warm and cosy night’s sleep at the end of the tunnel.. And I’ll help you get there.

Suitable from 12 weeks.

  • An introductory consultation to get to know you, your little one and the struggles you’re coming up against. This can be in person if you're a 15 mile radius from BS25.
  • A bespoke PDF Action Plan to keep you on track and remind you of the advice and steps you’ve received.
  • 20 minute weekly catch ups to discuss your baby’s progress and where to focus our efforts.
  • 21 days of unlimited WhatsApp support to ensure that your plan is working for you and any tweaks that might need to be made can be implemented with ease.
  • A final 60 minute sign-off consultation to claim whenever you need, no matter how far down the line.
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Sound Asleep Package - £299

Poor sleep affects so much more than your energy levels - it robs you of some of the joys of being a parent. Unable to fully take in this joyous time, many parents get frustrated and quite frankly, cranky! It’s totally understandable but absolutely remediable with the right tools, solutions and advice. 

Suitable from 12 weeks. 

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Your Sound Asleep Package includes...

  • An introductory phone consultation to get to know you, your little one and the struggles you’re coming up against.
  • A bespoke PDF Action Plan to keep you on track and remind you of the advice and steps you’ve received.
  • 10 days of unlimited Whatsapp support. When you need me, I’ll be there - with This Parent Can, you never go it alone.

Newborn Sleep Package - £125

Creating the perfect sleep environment is key for little ones who are hard to settle or tend to wake in the night. In this targeted call, we’ll discuss your child’s unique needs and create a plan for setting up great sleep foundations from the very first day you bring them home.

Suitable from 6 weeks to 12 weeks.

  • A bespoke sleep consultation for babies 6-12 weeks
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Specialist Consultations

For 30 or 60 minutes, pick my brain on the small tweaks you can start making to have an impact tonight. Whether it's switching up naptime or getting back into a routine after a holiday, these mini-sessions are perfect for steering you back on track. Offered in 30 or 60 minute increments, you can book these calls right here.

30 minute support call - £48

  • Help with nap transitions
  • Suitable for self-soothing, independent sleepers who can link sleep cycles, but just need a little bit of help to get back into a routine
  • Age appropriate routine included. 
  • No follow up support 

60 minute support call - £95


  • One off support session using generalised advice
  • Appropriate for more detailed questions or general sleep issues
  • Age appropriate routine included. 
  • No follow up support 



Cracking Potty Training - £65

Unable to go out, frequent regressions and one stressed out parent. Potty training can be a walk in the parkor a bit of a nightmare. Often it’s simply because we don’t have the right strategy in place to set our little one up for success. In just one call we’ll get you feeling confident about the transition that can give you your freedom back!

  • 45 minute bespoke consultation
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