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Hello parent, I’m so glad you’re here because it means you’re one step closer to losing the bags around your eyes and getting back in the driver's seat of your household. Who knew that such a tiny person could be such a dictator, right?

When I had my first baby I was aware that everyone had told me I wouldn’t get any sleep. Oh how naive I was about that statement. Getting woken every hour for 3 whole weeks nearly destroyed me. It wasn’t until I had a near miss on the road that I realised… “I’m not even enjoying this”.

Motherhood was turning into a blur of face-planting my coffee and snoring in front of the TV - it really wasn’t the lovely maternity-leave experience I was hoping for.

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This Parent Can 2 min - About Your Local Baby Sleep Consultant

That’s when I discovered a sleep consultant… how I wish I’d known about them before! In just a few days, my youngest was making huge improvements and we could finally smile again.

I was hooked on sleep science from that very moment and endeavoured to learn and train in every corner of the infant sleep cycle: how much they should sleep, when and where they should sleep, creating sustainable routine, protecting ‘mummy & daddy’ time, promoting better sleep in the household…

As a fully qualified sleep consultant and maternity practitioner working with newborns to 5 years olds...

... I found my calling. In helping parents just like you, I know how much of an impact my work has. In truth, I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am now (fully rested with 7+ hours sleep a night) without the help of a sleep specialist… and that’s why I’m offering it to you, today.


“Her calm, nurturing and individual approach made it much easier to get my newborn and toddler in to routines that worked for everyone.”

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