Take back bedtime, regain your own quality of sleep and make time for each other again.
If you’re sleep-walking through parenting, it’s time to make a change for good.
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Packages range from a 60 minute advice call, to an extended phone session with action plan and follow-up.

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A selection of clear, straightforward parenting information and advice available to download in simple pdf formats.

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Baby Massage

Experience firsthand how the relaxing properties of baby massage can transform your newborn or infant.

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Teach your baby how to sleep, so you can too!

Parenting is as rewarding and exciting as it is monotonous and frustrating - and it’s OK to feel this way!

However, I promise you that getting control of your sleep, and that of your baby’s, is not as hard as it feels right now.

Whether you’re looking for one to one support in creating the perfect bedtime routine...

Or you’re craving the education and information to succeed in potty training...

Or you simply need support around age-appropriate routines for your little one…


The need for sleep is universal, so if one family member is out of sync it has a knock-on effect. As a qualified baby sleep consultant, I offer guidance specific to your child’s developmental phase to encourage a good night’s sleep.


For colic, constipation, trapped wind or digestive discomfort, to teething pain and blocked little noses, baby massage is an amazing natural healing skill that you can give to your little one.

amazing natural healing skill


Late to bed and early to rise? Endlessly fighting “danger naps”? Finding a routine which works for your family dynamic can make day-to-day parenting so much easier. Together, we’ll create a structure that works for you.


Potty training can feel like a daunting milestone to crack. 

In just one call we'll get you feeling confident about the transition that can give you your freedom back.

transition that can give you your freedom back.

About Tori

Hi, I’m Tori.

As a mum of two and qualified sleep consultant, I know a thing or two about ditching sleep deprivation and reclaiming my evenings.

I remember when I had my first child and I felt as prepared as I could be for labour, birth and taking my bundle of joy home…

What I wasn’t prepared for was weeks upon weeks of interrupted sleep, constant exhaustion and frustration that stole my ‘couple time’ away from me.

That’s when I decided I needed to make a change. Today I help struggling parents to do the same - to make small, incremental changes that put them back in the driving seat of their households' sleep cycles!

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Is it time to create your customised 'back to sleep' journey?



Thank you to these clients for their kind words...

“I really can’t recommend Tori highly enough. I got in touch when I was at my wit’s end, sleep was a distant memory, we’d tried so many things but with little or no effect. She was incredible - really listened to me to build up a picture of us and our baby so that she could tailor a solution that was right for us. She offered simple, practical advice that was easy to follow. After a week we started to see results and with some follow up calls and further tips our son was sleeping through. My only regret was not contacting her sooner!”

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Kath Streatham

“Tori has been such a lifesaver with both of my boys. Introducing a new baby with a toddler has had many challenges and Tori has been there to support me through all of it. Her calm, nurturing and individual approach made it much easier to get my newborn and toddler into routines that worked for everyone. I felt listened to and Tori paid attention to my concerns not just around sleep but toddler behaviour too. I feel more confident now as a parent and better able to handle the challenges coming my way!

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Jen Haywards Health

“Tori was recommended to me not only because of her training but the fact she was an experienced mum of two herself. She instantly made me feel knowledgeable, confident and empowered in welcoming my baby to the world and provided a flexible routine that would work for us when we decided the time was right. Tori is calm, informative, encouraging and provides such valuable follow up supporting answering any query however big or small… she is now my go-to for each new phase we go through.”

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Philippa Epsom
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